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Dating american flyer trains

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It too was described as an NYC engine. The classic Hudson Erector Sets were made through , and are very rare and highly sought after by collectors of both Erector Sets and model trains today. The on board whistle was dropped in and the whistling billboard was created as a substitute. When the two were paired a third number was assigned for both of them together. Only electric outline locomotives were offered. The 'S' gauge is fairly easy to find these days, but the HO version is not so easy to come across. This suggests the possibility of the two companies continuing to collaborate. After considerable delay the company finally delivered the Big Boy in December They generally refer to the same thing. The two toy magnates were just finishing shooting on Gilbert's game reserve in New Haven when Gilbert casually mentioned he was thinking about manufacturing toy trains. A nail or pin inserted into this hole when the current is on will change the direction of the loco without using the button. The line of electric types in the later 's also included the and set, and the little lithographed box-cab. Alexander for the U. The Comet has a strong resemblance to the lithographed Burlington Zephyr, and both trains are sheet metal throughout. Utilizing all new tooling and issued under the American Flyer name, the Mike is the first original American Flyer steam locomotive design since the late s.

Dating american flyer trains

The engine had either a rounded or a squared rear. The American Flyer cast aluminum Zephyr was first cataloged in For the war contribution and efforts, Gilbert won 4 Army-Navy "E" awards, an honor presented to companies during World War II for excellence in production of war equipment. The bulb was located in the base of the unit and the light was reflected via the Lucite to simulate light emission. Another early and popular clockwork locomotive was the 0 with iron wheels. The sales manager thought it would be ideal to reproduce the train for their line and subsequently purchased the model. In , American Flyer began offering Wide gauge electric trains at a premium price, attempting to compete with Lionel Corporation at the high end of the market. By , two American retailers, G. Also in , Gilbert released a Circus Train. The primary difference being that trains that were previously produced in die-cast, were now plastic. This is a common question we get. It lost and it lost and it lost. Two different engines the other AC could be controlled with nominal independence on the same track. Additionally, Lionel released in the first newly tooled passenger fleet. The new Choo-Choo Sounds were also introduced at this time. The tender maintained the original Ives design. In order to further differentiate his product line from that of Lionel, Gilbert employed a bullet-shaped link coupler, but within a few years , a newer, more realistic knuckle coupler design appeared. The Gilbert HO line went back into production after the war also. The 3 locomotive was a variation of the 0 that had an open cab ventilator hatch and was combined with a tender. Within a few months, A. Gilbert soon moved the company from Chicago to New Haven, Connecticut , and re-designed parts of the product line. The running board had to be cut slightly, to accommodate fitting the American Flyer motor. Gilbert also introduced its new remote directional control for locomotives in In , American Flyer introduced its first electric train, an O gauge model that was simply a windup model with an electric motor in place of the clockwork motor. Having weathered the depression, Flyer, like Lionel, concentrated on more scale accurate trains that the public was demanding.

Dating american flyer trains

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