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Dating and giving him space

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He must decide on his own to come out of his hole. It makes his heart tick when he sees a woman as not taking from his life but as infinitely adding to it. None of this will make him miss you and make him realize how special you are. Let him talk, and if he does not have anything to say, my best advice is to simply back off and give him space. Do things that make you feel good. Is this really the woman I want to commit myself to? Giving a guy space is essential when you are in any kind of situation, relationship or even friendship. Also, some readers might wonder what to do when a man wants space during a breakup. Do Not Accept Substandard Treatment: Things seemed to be going so well, the momentum was going strong and now it all seems to be rolling backward. While he has his alone time, just go about your own business as usual. That made him feel even more wrong and smothered! The concept of you being less actually makes you more to a man. For women, closeness represents emotional security. Making your ex miss you after the breakup 1: So, be clear on what you do and don't want for yourself and tell him directly.

Dating and giving him space

Focus on your relationship with yourself and not on your relationship with him, obsessing never takes you anywhere good! They want a woman they can respect. This is what children do to get their way or to communicate they're feeling hurt or insecure. You will get hurt. When you call and text him incessantly, or try to punish him or get back at him, he will realize he wants nothing to do with you. It feels like rejection. The more you infringe upon his space the more he will move away from you. They need a breather to get back to equilibrium. This draws him to you because your emotions will not be dictated by everything he does or doesn't do. If you try and convince or litigate with him your "rightness" you will lose. He wants to feel wanted, he wants to feel like he enhances your life, not like you need him or you will crumble into tiny pieces all over the floor. There is no downside here. You get to decide what you want and let him know in simple and direct ways. They obsess over women who flirt, give them attention and then don't feel the need to talk the next day. This is how men get spooked and pull away for good! While he has his alone time, just go about your own business as usual. The short answer is: Give him the space to miss you and then make the time you have together positive and high quality. Chasing is never a good idea. Emotionally healthy women know and respect their own feelings more than to turn them into complaints and vehicles for playing the victim. Nor do men want a woman who is at all needy or desperate for him to be the source of her happiness. Fear of loss is also a fear of not being good enough, of not being OK. When communicating with a man do your best to create a positive emotional environment. This way he wants to give you the love you want. A Guy Explains Why Guys Withdraw When you let your fear of loss take hold, you are acting from a place of desperation. So, it might feel like he is distancing himself by taking more time with his friends, working a lot or otherwise staying away from you. Love yourself, live your life and create the space for a man to love you.

Dating and giving him space

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