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How to be less intimidating

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We are all the same and we are all just trying to find our way in this world and heal our souls in the process. People refuse to make eye contact with you for long periods; they look away and keep their glances short. Take a look at the image above and pick the totem that calls to you first. In other words, they are not looking for additional male energy. Though there are many problems that led to this, I've eliminated many of them through dedication just to trying to become better. If he has shown you a good time, thank him. People feel intimidated by those who project a sense of entitlement or ownership to the physical objects around them. The most apparent problem now is that I'm a very intimidating person appearance wise. Some people feel intimidated when confronted by arrogance. Totem 1 - The Owl Artist Credit:

How to be less intimidating

Never betray a confidence. She suggests asking for specifics. The alpha male or alpha female struts in and all the other animals take notice and make a mental note to stay the fuck away. Limit the amount of friends you take with you on outings, especially if you're hoping to attract a male interest. Let your humor shine. By nature, owls can see in the dark; in the same way, you are someone who can see right through someone's lies. Stop fighting against yourself. Your totem choice reveals a lot about your personality, but also reveals information about the type of spiritual powers you probably possess. This totem choice reveals that your soul knows no fear and needs no assistance. If you always act with integrity, you'll increase trust. Tell him how considerate he is, or that he seems to be in shape. Powerful people are the people I welcome into my life, who welcome me back, who fill me with positivity, and who teach me how to grow. The people who intimidate you are not worth more than you. With enough of these experiences, I learned to change the way I judge people. So don't be afraid to admit you don't know something or look a little clumsy. You are a shining example for others to follow. Your inner strength is willing to overcome any odds and you are the embodiment of strength. Keep your relationships friendly and supportive. Nothing is as easy as black and white for you and everything can get very complex. And I assume that they are lovable as well. You are wild and free just like the bear. Keep in mind that body language is a major part of any communication. Powered by ConvertKit Related Posts: Totem 2 - The Eagle Artist Credit: You can see what people are trying to hide from you.

How to be less intimidating

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