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Robinson ransbottom pottery dating

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This is a console dish from the Brocade line of McCoy. Is it Brush-McCoy pottery and do you know approx. I have several Vases that I would like to use, however they leak. On one awful day as I washed dishes, I manage to break the handles on two mugs. What is the original size of mammy with callaflower cookie jar? The mark on the bottom is likely a shape number. There are several other shapes in this line. They were popular in Your stick handled creamer is indeed authentic McCoy! While we do not give values, many collectors love early pieces and many can be quite desirable. Any ideas if it is and what it might be worth? McCoy did make and sell lidded steins as one of their contract items Can you tell me the history of this piece of McCoy Pottery and if it is real? It is part of the Cook-Serve line made in , The pieces in the line were rough on the outside with a smooth colored interior, yellow, green or pink that I recall. This is the Wedding Jar cookie jar from the early 's.

Robinson ransbottom pottery dating

My first encounter with RRP was many years ago when my husband began bringing mugs home from a local craft shop where he delivered for his job. I picked it up from a lady whose husband passed and was a collector of "everything". She uses her vases for fresh flowers and I noticed she inserted the proper size zip lock plastic baggy inside the vase and put water into it Hi there and thank you for your question! I would like to know whether it's a real McCoy or a fake? I love all things McCoy!? You can read more about its history at its Web site, ransbottompottery. There are no marks underneath vase. Thank you for your willingness to help me identify? Also, don't think it would affect the value either way but it is a permanent reminder of the human that helped make it I have a piece I have not been able to find any info on and I now believe it is a fake MCCOY. It has two handles made of wire and red-painted wood. It was an elderly aunts and passed on to my mother-in-law and when she died, I got it. What can I do? I notice there are many bowls with the 8 and 9 in the shield on the bottom? There was a seconds store and it would be impossible to know what might have gone out through there or thru regular shipments to customers. The style is clean, simple and attractive. Can you tell me the name of this pattern and its value? Many soft, simple shapes in a rainbow matte of matte glazes, mist often found in pink, white and yellow, but also found in black, green, brown, and even blue! I hope this helps! It is genuine and was made in The Capri Line by McCoy was made in I am not able to find anything like it through all my research of McCoy Pottery. However, I doubt that would have any effect on the value. On one awful day as I washed dishes, I manage to break the handles on two mugs. Can you give me some information about this vase? Thank you for any information you can provide?

Robinson ransbottom pottery dating

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