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Sex with ex spouse

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In a few cases, it could be just what the love doctor ordered. They were mature and realistic with each other and while they were both convinced that their decision to separate divorce was the right decision, they had enough good years between them that they were able to handle the confusion and uncertainty sometimes brought on by sleeping with an ex. Therefore honor God with your body. Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox said this 'grass is greener' syndrome is not new. But after a day or two, they came back down to earth and acknowledged to themselves and each other, that it would not be best…that they were better off with the decision to live apart and remain close friends or whatever one wishes to call this type of relationship. It is in there, deeply embedded in your psyche. So, what is the answer for you and your situation? Now, I am not suggesting you should seek out a sexual encounter with your ex to relieve yourself of anxiety and pain, replacing those feelings with the warm fuzzies. Any number of things can trigger it. How To Put Your Marriage Back Together Again The desire to sleep with your ex can be the two of you acting out on your subconscious desire to build a bridge for the two of you to cross, facilitating an opportunity to forgive each other and work on rebuilding your marriage. Later, after the act, it is not unusual to feel guilty. Go easy on yourself if sex with an ex becomes a reality in your life. When you go through a separation or break up with your ex husband or wife, your body and mind are entering into a kind of anxiety zone. The way our body and mind works from all of its attendant nerve cells found throughout our body to the most important organ in our body…namely our brain……these things work together like a well honed orchestra. We have touched on some of the emotional reasons that can drive ex couples to sleep with each again. It is not necessarily the worst of things and it could even be a bridge to a better relationship in the future.

Sex with ex spouse

And when oxytocin is on the loose, it is not too surprising to me that an ex couple find themselves in each others arms. Therefore honor God with your body. Climbing into bed with your ex husband or ex wife is not one of those things that we can be certain will lead to more or less dysfunction. You see, it can be all of those things, none of those things, or just some of those things. I discuss this along with other salient points in this post…. But that might not be the only thing going on with you emotionally and physically. Specifically, pheromones and oxytocin a neurotransmitter plays a big role for what is happening in the events leading up to having sex with your ex. Then again, it could be something that you regret for a very long time. It is not that you did anything particularly wrong. It is hard for your mind to forget all the times you and your ex engaged in sex. Days and weeks can go by as we second guess whether we did the right thing. I am not quite there yet. Cox said many women benefited from having sex with their ex because it ultimately gave them 'closure' on the relationship. But if you are separated or divorced and the break up is serious, then using sex to try and fill in the empty places in your relationship caused by serious problems is not a long term solution. Sometimes we can think that way for a few moments, minutes, hours, or even days. You might be thinking how on earth could I be so weak or stupid to do such a thing. But in my opinion, it would not be true to make such a blanket statement and hold that it is true of all ex couples. No one has a corner on the wisdom of whether or not you should engage in sex with your ex marriage partner. She said that while part of her knew that she did not want to revisit the relationship, another part of her wanted, almost needed, the physical and emotional connection that sleeping with her husband gave her. You may end up focusing more on memories of all the good times when you were with your ex. If some oxytocin can get released and help you navigate through the painful recovery of a break up, even for a brief encounter, then take the pleasure you gained from the experience and move forward. To take our holy temples our bodies and have sex with someone who is not our spouse defiles our temple. So when you lay it all out in this way, understanding the physiological and emotional drivers that can lead you to sleep with your ex, it is understandable that the question of sex with an ex spouse comes up so often. Why 'ex-sex' CAN be a good idea: If you are reading this article, you actually might be posing this question in the past tense. Sex with your ex is not a cause for celebration. As a rule, I would say it is usually not a good idea.

Sex with ex spouse

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