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Updating old versions of ubuntu

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Click on the big square button with the rows of white dots Show Applications , on the bottom left. Installing the upgrade can take several hours. Just be sure that you have a working internet connection: Is it wise to upgrade at all? Instead, however, we'll use do-release-upgrade, a tool provided by the Ubuntu project, which handles checking for a new release, updating sources. You can follow our series on how to migrate to a new Linux server to learn how to migrate between servers. You will probably want to save a few things from the old installation. As this is potentially dangerous it's not done automatically. Comprehensive backups and extensive testing are strongly advised. Enter y to continue: To avoid these problems, when possible, we recommend migrating to a fresh Ubuntu After the booting has completed, launch GParted: During the installation, you may be presented with interactive dialogs for various questions. Restart required To finish the upgrade, a restart is required. Before you continue, run the following command to ensure you have the update-manager-core package installed. You should never upgrade a production system without first testing all of your deployed software and services against the upgrade in a staging environment. Don't remove the Ubuntu DVD.

Updating old versions of ubuntu

Ubuntu itself will be placed on the root partition: After all, you can afford to wait for some time. It is not recommended to perform a upgrade over ssh currently because in case of failure it is harder to recover. Continue [yN] y Once new package lists have been downloaded and changes calculated, you'll be asked if you want to start the upgrade. Do not use it, because that particular method is unreliable: It should be reformatted, so make sure that the format box is ticked. Click on the big square button with the rows of white dots Show Applications on the bottom left. View - tick "Show Hidden Files". If you are on an installed session of Ubuntu you will be asked sometimes for root or admin password. There is a do-release-upgrade -d command that will upgrade you to the current unstable development branch of Ubuntu. Although it hasn't yet been released at the time of this writing, it's already possible to upgrade a Even if your system is on a fast connection, this will take a while. Some of those you'll want to keep. The easiest way to save your Firefox bookmarks is from within Firefox itself: Don't remove the Ubuntu DVD. Wait a moment for your system to reboot, and reconnect. I tested this method from a live session of Ubuntu 9. Avoid the upgrade button! Save e-mails and some application settings. We recommend backing up your important files before continuing. Failing that, ensure that you have copies of user home directories, any custom configuration files, and data stored by services such as relational databases. At the prompt, type y and press Enter to continue: Potential Pitfalls Although many systems can be upgraded in place without incident, it is often safer and more predictable to migrate to a major new release by installing the distribution from scratch, configuring services with careful testing along the way, and migrating application or user data as a separate step. Then open file manager Nautilus with root authority: For example, you may be asked if you want to automatically restart services when required: If you want to save your e-mails, copy this directory to the USB memory stick. Insert exactly next line when you are asked:

Updating old versions of ubuntu

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