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Who is currently dating noel kahn pll

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For both Alison and her friends — especially Emily. Jenna and Noel became a creepy power couple. He confesses to Ella that he loves Aria though she misunderstands and believes he is talking about Spencer when he comes to comfort Aria after her arrest. Aria found out that Ezra is writing a book about Alison and used her in order to uncover the mystery of who tried to kill Alison. Once you finally composed yourself you went back to the door. Toby Keegan Allen was also seen in a not-so-alive state of mind, as his seemingly unconscious body was found bloody, alongside Yvonne Kara Royster , in a car accident. Although she cared for her friends, she enjoyed using their deepest secrets against them to keep them in line. Clark Wilkins Titus Makin Jr. It is revealed that Aria can't have children so her and Ezra make plans to adopt after their honeymoon. Mona later reveals she actually doesn't know who "Red Coat" is, and is basically expelled off the team for letting Spencer and Toby trick her. The storyline came from the books. Alex explains herself to Spencer and reveals her entire story, also revealing that she has killed Wren to avoid having to break up with him. When "A" begins sending Mona threatening notes, she grows closer to the Liars. He seemed to forgive Aria and their relationship is better. Here's a recap of some of his most devious deeds

Who is currently dating noel kahn pll

Aria decides not to tell her friends that the two are back together, hoping that, by keeping it from them, she can also keep it from "A". But what about Paige? He became romantically involved with Aria after the two met at a bar and instantly bonded. Ella is aware of A, and tries to send Aria to a boarding school to get away. After all the incidents with Malcolm, Aria decides that it is best that her and Ezra break up just after kissing him on the school stairs. You began to stumble on something about needing to leave but Ali grabbed your hand. She is also the "A" who stalked Alison before her disappearance. After the game ends, Alex goes back to London but returns a year later to kidnap Spencer and take her place, along with Mary and Mona's help. Emily Fields Main article: Spencer Hastings Further information: In "Through Many Danger, Toils, and Snares" we find out that Aria broke up with Ezra because of Jackie threatening to expose their relationship but they later get back together after Aria explains to Ezra that Jackie was the reason why she broke up with him. However, Mona manages to kidnap both Alex and Mary and locks them away in her own personal dollhouse in France. Here's a recap of some of his most devious deeds Aria was dating Noel, however, she kissed Ezra while meeting each other to talk. Watch the Facebook Live below: Possibly unbeknownst to Big "A", she secretly gives Maya's website to Hanna in code, leading them to eventually discover that Nate killed Maya. At Radley, Mona gives answers to Hanna concerning Maya's death. When Ella found out Aria was dating Ezra, she was angry, but she believed Aria when she said she had broken it off, and tried to win her back her freedom, which Byron didn't think she deserved. She becomes romantically involved with Noel, much to Hanna's disapproval, but is later dumped by him for Jenna. She laughed and hugged you tighter. Andrea Parker actually looks so much like Spencer. Will Wren Julian Morris be back in the final 10 episodes? Ezra would still do anything for Aria, as whenever she is having trouble he still steps up to help her. Mona confesses to the liars she joined the A. Regretting the affair and wanting them to be a family again, Byron moves the family to Iceland for a year as a sabbatical. Paige is not gone for good. These last 10 episodes really reflect the full-circle-ness of the show and where we hope to go in these final 10 and having that triangle play out felt very appropriate for us as storytellers.

Who is currently dating noel kahn pll

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